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Add products by adding codes

Add a CSV file
Enter the product codes that you want to add to the basket in bulk (after a comma, with a space or from a new line). Repeating the code many times will add this item as many times as it appears.

Earning and redeeming points



When you buy, you receive points

Every customer of our warehouse placing an order joins the Loyalty Program. Every purchase in our warehouse is awarded with points in the Loyalty Program. During the purchase, you receive information about the number of points awarded for the purchase of a specific good. The number of points depends on the price of the product being purchased.

For every PLN 1 spent, you receive 1 point in the program.

E-mail Newsletter

You will receive 500 points in the program for subscribing to the Email Newsletter subscription. (Note! Confirmation of willingness to receive messages via email sent to you is required)

Exchange points for a discount

If you already have loyalty points on your account, you can exchange them for a one-time discount for your order.

Current one-time discount: for 10,000 points collected - PLN 200 net discount.

How many points do I have?

You can check the number of points you have by logging into your account. In the "Loyalty Program" section you'll see how many points you have.

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